Project Philly does more than just run a cappella groups! We also offer occasional educational opportunities for our membership, other groups, and the general public.

The very structure of the performing groups we offer is designed to maximize the educational experience of the groups’ members. Members of Project Philly’s a cappella groups learn how to arrange their own music, run their own rehearsals, and improve their own performances. All groups have a designated group coordinator who sets the rehearsal schedule and typically runs the warm-up session. Directorship of the group, however, is shared “round-robin” style: each member who brings a music arrangement to the group is in charge of teaching and rehearsing that song. Spreading the wealth enables Project Philly’s performers to build their skills and delve deeper into their passion for contemporary a cappella singing.


Project Philly hosts live workshop sessions periodically designed to support the educational needs of our performing membership. These workshops typically help members prepare their music arrangements and directing abilities for the upcoming season of performances. Previous live workshops have included arranger academy, vocal percussion skills, group management, stage presentation, microphone techniques, and solo singing. 

Some workshops have also featured guest clinicians and performers sharing their expertise, including:

  • Deke Sharon (Pitch Perfect Movies, the Sing Off, CASA, and more)
  • Barry Carl (Rockapella)
  • Tom Anderson (Random Notes, CASA)
  • Amy Engelhardt (The Bobs)
  • Jeff Thacher (Rockapella)
  • Snowday Vocal Band, Washington, D.C.
  • Cartoon Johnny, Washington, D.C.
  • KeyStone A Cappella, Philadelphia, PA